“The North Texas Women Firefighters is an outstanding group of hard working, committed and elite service providers and candidates.  They are dedicated to recruit, educate and equip women to be successful in the fire service.  It is my honor and privilege to personally work with two of these women.  They are excellent examples of the necessary attitude, passion and drive that it takes to master our craft and serve our communities.  The NTXWFF organization has so much enthusiasm that it is contagious.  They are proud of who they are and have a purpose with “no quit” as the mindset.  

Chiefs, when you are recruiting firefighters and interviewing for positions, I urge you to consider the quality of the individuals that are members of this organization.  They may be the catalyst that your organization needs!  They train together, learn from each other and inspire others.  I’d proudly serve with anyone that has the drive and mindset of the North Texas Women Firefighters.   I look forward to seeing some great things from these women as this group grows!”

David G. Jones, Fire Chief
Addison Fire Department (TX)