Garland’s Practice Physical Agility Test

NTXWFF will be hosting a practice run through of Garland Fire Department’s physical agility test. Agility practices are open to everyone. Non NTXWFF members pay $10, NTXWFF members are FREE. You don’t have to be testing with Garland to practice this agility. Please contact us if you have any questions! *Remember Garland’s Application Deadline is June 1st! PAT includes: Mile run (in 14:15) Ladder Climb (65’ foot in 2:31) Hose Lift (50ft of 2.5 in 0:36) Charged Hose Advance (50ft 1 ¾ hose in 0:49) Equipment Carry (50 ft of dry 2.5 hose up to 2.5 flights in 1:29) Ladder Removal and Replacement (24 ft extension ladder in 0:20) Body Carry (168lb dummy in 0:55) Hose Loading (dry 2.5 hose 1:09) *All events are timed separately Register HERE

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