Welcome to North Texas Women Firefighters. We are an organization designed to recruit, educate, and equip women to be successful in the fire service.

We continue to find that women either don’t recognize that this is a career choice or perceive themselves to be incapable of performing the duties.

Research shows us that the best way to recruit a specific population is for like-members to be the ones recruiting. Because the fire service is predominantly male and the most successful way to recruit is through word of mouth, the current recruitment pool has been mostly males. We’re here to change that.

No, we’re not looking to make the fire service obtain a specific percentage of women, or even advocate for unqualified women to be hired on gender alone. Instead, what we’re here to be is a platform for women, small frame or not, mothers or not, married or not, to help them understand that women from all walks of life can be successful in this rewarding field of service.

Our organization helps to equip women to pass fire departments’ physical agility tests through training, coaching, and technique assistance.

We also offer education on career paths, information on local schools, and interview board preparation.