“It has been exciting to watch this organization get up and running. I believe their commitment to recruit, educate and equip women with the resources needed to be successful in the fire service is one that will pay huge dividends to the service we all love. Those three pillars are HUGE and we need those. It is important to have a support group of strong people who have similar experiences. As much as male firefighters try to relate, there is one undeniable difference that keeps us from being able to do that. Men are men, and women are women. There are things we will each be more suited for on the fire ground. That’s ok. Its no different from knowing the strengths and weaknesses of whatever crews are assigned that day. There is plenty of work to go around. Keep up the good work and don’t let anyone make you dim your light because its shining in their eyes.”

Battalion Chief Kelley Cato
Flower Mound Fire Department (TX)