NTXWFF is hosting a Practice of Denton Fire Department’s Physical Agility Test  on February 18, 2018 at The Colony Fire Department’s Training Field at 10:00 am.

This event is open for those wanting a practice prior to Denton’s actual PAT, or anyone wanting  general practice on any of the events.

Please register by purchasing the appropriate ticket.
All others: $10

Click the link below to register:

Event 1– Climb a 100-ft aerial ladder, at full extension, touching the top rung with one hand. This portion of the test is not timed.
Event 2-Climb the drill tower steps a total of two times wearing an additional 25 lbs
Event 3– Keiser Sled (Full distance)
Event 4– Drag 200 ft 1.75 in hose 75 ft, make a 90 degree turn and continue dragging the hose an additional 25 ft. The drop to at least one knee and pull 50 ft of hose into a marked box
Event 5– Remove two saws from a cabinet, carry them 75 ft and return them to the cabinet
Event 6– Lift a 24ft extension ladder into the upright position, extend and lower the fly section.
Event 7– Drag a dummy 35 ft around a drum and back.

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