Katy Willoughby

willoughby-good-pic Katy Willoughby Treasure, North Texas Women Firefighters Captain/Paramedic, Wylie Fire Rescue Katy has worked with Wylie for 19 years. She is currently the only female officer. Katy is in the process of completing her Bachelors in Fire Science. She also holds a Masters Certification with Texas Commission on fire Protection. She also holds many special operations certifications such as a Hazmat Tech, Swiftwater Tech, Wildland firefighter, Fire Officer IV, Haz Mat Incident Safety Officer, Incident Safety Officer, and Fire Instructor certifications. Growing up she did not dream of being a firefighter, but she loved helping people. When she realized one day that God gave her a strong mind and body to do the work she began the venture into the fire service. She is married to a wonderful man, “Bucky”. Together they have two very busy children, one in select baseball and the other in dance. Katy is excited to see young women grow to realize their full potential in the fire service.