1st Annual Fire Recruit Expo


Are you interested in learning what the fire service has to offer?

Fire Recruit Expo has hands on demonstrations with department reps from all around North Texas. Come see what it’s like to breath on air, wear full bunker gear, flow water from a fire hose, and even climb an aerial! Tarrant County College will have their physical agility for anyone to practice on. Technique assistance will be available to those interested in dragging a dummy and improving their time on a keizer sled.

This event is open to everyone! Men and women alike! If you’ve ever thought being a firefighter would be fun, come see what it’s all about!

Lunch will be provided and followed with a quick Q&A.

*Please arrive before 8:00am to ensure your spot!

**All minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian

#1 Practice Physical Agility for TCC
#2 Maze
#3 Bunker Gear
#4 SCBA Familiarization
#5 Keiser Sled
#6 Dummy Drag
#7 Flowing water
#8 Charged Hose Line Advancement