Tarrant County Physical Agility Test

Tarrant County College hosts pysical agility test’s (PAT) for local departments around North Texas.  Contact Nancy Donaldson 817-515-7719 or email her at nancy.donaldson@tccd.edu, for scheduling dates and information on how to test.

TCC has networked with multiple departments throughout the North Texas area to provide applicants with a certificate of completion after successfully passing their physical agility.

This means that once you’ve successfully passed their physical agility, you receive a certificate that is good for 6 months that can be used for multiple departments. The following is a list of (a few) departments that accept this certificate during their hiring process.

*Many departments require you to pass their own physical agility, resulting in applicants taking multiple PAT’s during their career search.

Highland Village
Lake Worth
Richland Hills
Trophy Club

Click the link below for detailed instruction

Applicant Physical Ability Test Instructions With Pics