In the fire service, the safety of our crews and the emergencies we face on calls require everyone on the team to be in peak physical and mental condition. Everyone on the crew — male or female — must be able to perform every fire-ground task efficiently and safely. We set ourselves to the same high standards that our brothers set.  We pass the same physical agility tests, with the same weight and time requirements. There’s no easy button just because we’re female. And there shouldn’t be! As the saying goes, “fire doesn’t recognize gender.”

With that high standard comes the reality that women are built different. Because of size and muscle mass, certain firefighting tasks — like hoisting ladders, pulling hoses, and carrying fallen comrades — often require specific techniques to be achieved safely.

We partner with women seeking not just to pass fire department physical agility tests, but to excel at them and to be the best firefighter possible. We provide feedback using trusted techniques for successful completion of the timed tests.

Within our networking group, we have women trainers, CrossFit guru’s and at home fitness experts to help provide instruction and motivation.

We regularly host physical agility test run throughs for added practice and confidence.

If interested, please contact us through our contact page.